Hudson on Simpson Joining Weight Watchers

Hudson on Simpson Joining Weight Watchers

Jennifer Hudson's performance was one of the highlights of last night's star-studded 11th annual Samsung Hope for Children Gala in New York City, where she also accepted a donation for her charity the Julian D. King Gift Foundation, which she founded in honor of her late nephew who was murdered three years ago.

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"It's very emotional and very uplifting at the same time because this was our way of turning a negative into a positive," Hudson says about founding a charity in her nephew's name, who was only 7 years old at the time of his death.

"Julian was a very smart child and very into education, and so we wanted to carry that on in his memory. ... The last time he came to visit my home, he was reading a book," she remembers. "That's the last picture I have of him -- he was reading a book. And he used to call himself Dr. King, that's one of my fondest memories of him."

Hudson also unsurprisingly had thoughts on Jessica Simpson's recent highly publicized Weight Watchers deal, given that she herself famously shed 80 pounds under the program.

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"Oh I think she'll do alright -- get yourself back into those daisy dukes girl!," she jokes.

Check out the video to hear Wendy Williams' always candid opinion on Simpson's Weight Watchers deal, as well as David Alan Grier getting serious on his "different role now" in his life.