Pauley Perrette Anxious for 'NCIS' Season to Begin


As a fan of the show, NCIS star Pauley Perrette has the best seat in the house for watching the season unfold, but even she doesn't know what to expect for their tenth run.

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"The season finale of NCIS has left millions of people around the world just like {gasp}," Pauley said just before performing a live stage reading of the teleplay Marty on Tuesday, presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. "And that millions of people includes the cast because we have no idea what's going on!"

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Ray Romano, Joel McHale, Loretta Devine and Dermot Mulroney also participated in the live reading of Paddy Chayefsky's classic love story.

"I just coincidentally watched the movie again before I was even asked to do this," said Romano, who read the title role. "I just wanted to research it because I was thinking of writing my own script and it's always a good reference to look at a classic."

McHale also admitted to being a fan of the piece, going on to joke that he was sure he'd "butcher" the reading.

Marty is the story of a lonely, hard-working butcher who is continuously pressured by his family to get married although he believes he's incapable of being truly loved. In 1955, the teleplay was adapted into a film that starred Ernest Borgnine and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.