'Gossip Girl' Star Wins Judgment Against Mother

Getty Images

Following a nearly year-long court battle, actress Leighton Meester has won a judgment against her mother, effectively dismissing further claims that Leighton holds any financial responsibility for her mom.

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The drama began last July when the Gossip Girl star sued her mother, Constance Meester, for supposedly misusing the nearly $7,500 that Leighton was sending her each month to cover her brother's medical expenses, claiming that her mother instead spent the funds on plastic surgery, botox and hair extensions.

Constance then countersued for $3 million in damages, claiming that she deserved compensation for allegedly assisting her daughter's career.

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A California judge officially dismissed that claim, ruling there was no such agreement. Leighton was not seeking a return of her funds, rather she simply wanted to put an end to her mother's harassment.