Introducing J.R. Martinez's New Baby Girl!


Dancing with the Stars champ J.R. Martinez is showing off his adorable newborn daughter -- Lauryn Anabelle -- and ET went to the Martinez home for an up-close look at baby Belle's custom nursery and to find out what have become J.R.'s favorite baby activities!

"I feel that she looks like him," says J.R.'s girlfriend Diana Gonzalez-Jones, and the actor and former U.S. Army soldier agrees. "Yeah, now she has a lot of my hair -- you know once upon a time when I had it." But J.R. says he thinks the baby also has Diana's almond eyes, cheeks and nose.

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One of the cutest behaviors J.R. has seen in Belle so far is her long stretching sessions that he says also show tremendous spunk. "The stretching, when she comes out of a sleep, oh my god, she goes like this. And then she does a little quick jab... she stretches for like 20 minutes."

The season 13 winner of DWTS says he's already thinking of teaching his daughter some dance moves, thanks to a new dress. "When I pulled it out of the box I said to Diana, 'This is what I'm going to teach her, the Samba.' Because it's like one of those perfect Samba dresses where it's kind of wavy and moves around a lot -- it's the cutest thing!"

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Watch the video to hear J.R. reveal the music from a Grammy Award-winning artist he plays for the baby and to learn how he plans to celebrate his first father's day!