Julie Chen on Jack Osbourne's MS Announcement


On Sunday, Jack Osbourne revealed that he has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and yesterday ET caught up with Julie Chen, who co-hosts The Talk with Jack's mom Sharon Osbourne, getting her candid response to the situation in an exclusive interview.

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"We've known for a few weeks," Chen said about Jack's diagnosis. The ladies of The Talk remained mum on the subject out of respect for Sharon.

On Wednesday, Jack is set to sit at The Talk's panel to discuss his diagnosis, which Chen feels will be encouraging for anyone who is also suffering with the disease.

"What everyone knows about the Osbournes is they are survivors," said Chen, who marveled at Jack's courage to go public with the diagnosis. "Sharon beat cancer. Jack will beat this, and he will help other people beat MS."

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system, affecting the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The onset of the disease usually shows up in young adults and the severity varies from person to person.

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