Brooke Burke-Charvet on Plastic Surgery Past

Brooke Burke-Charvet on Plastic Surgery Past

At first glance, Brooke Burke-Charvet appears to have it all, but the season seven-winner-turned-co-host of Dancing with the Stars will be the first to tell you she's had a little help along the way.

"I've always been open in the things I've done in my life," Charvet begins about her self-confessed breast augmentation in her 20s. At the time, she had hoped that the surgery would give her an extra boost in her modeling career, but soon came to realize she'd opted for breasts that were far too big. Brooke later underwent the knife for smaller implants to better fit her body.

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Rather than look back on the procedure as a mistake, Charvet reflects on the experience as an opportunity to educate those who are looking to change their appearance with the New You Visualizer, an interactive tool that allows women to preview their enhancements before going under the knife.

"It's totally safe," she explains of the program which allows for one to make adjustments to their figure digitally from the comfort of their own home, adding that the tool's website,, also provides advice for those considering plastic surgery.

"This campaign is really about making an educated decision and finding the right doctor and asking the right questions and taking the mystery out," she explains.

Charvet, now 40 and a mom of four, proudly admits she loves her body but says it's harder than ever to maintain her famous physique. While she stresses that daily exercise should always be a part of one's confidence regiment, leaving the door open to plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of.

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"[Going under the knife is] an individual choice," she assures. "You should be able to do it without judgment and you should be able to feel good about it."

Test the New You Visualizer out for yourself at

And watch the video for more from Brooke's interview, including her take on Dancing With the Stars' All-Star edition.