Joy Behar Reacts to Baldwin's Paparazzi Incident


ET visited Joy Behar on the set of Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer, on which she is filling in for a week, to talk about her upcoming new show and got her thoughts on Alec Baldwin's recent incident with the paparazzi and what she thinks he should have done.

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"I just think that the paparazzi can be annoying," she said. "They come to me; they want to take my picture and I say, 'O.K.' because you just sort of play along with it and then you do much better that way. So, I think that that's what he should have done--just say, 'I'm happy I'm getting married,' smile for the camera, and move on."

Behar, who recently signed on for her own show on Current TV, revealed that she prefers to host her own show. "I like having my own show...I enjoy it," she said. "I can run the joint."

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The View
co-host's new show is self-titled at the moment The Joy Behar Show, which is the same title of her show on a different network that was short-lived. Behar said that the name was selected merely by default and that she is open to suggestions for creative show titles.

Although her previous attempt at having her own show failed, Behar positions most of the blame on the network, HLN, which she alleges made her discuss topics that she didn't truly want to cover. "We will do a show [that's] fun, interesting, and political...but without those type of topics [that we covered at HLN]," the New York native said.

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As a candid person herself, Behar said that her ideal guest is one that is outspoken and doesn't care about the ramifications of their words. She listed Ellen Barkin, Jodie Foster, and Diane Keaton as a few of her desired guests.

As for what viewers can expect from Behar's upcoming show, she hopes for it to be a fun and educational experience for all. "I was a teacher, so I like people to learn something but I also know that if you're not entertaining people, they will turn you off," she said. "So, that's my goal: to entertain and teach."