Katy Perry on Personal Struggles Captured in Film


In her new film Part of Me, Katy Perry unveils part of her everyday life to her fans and gives them a candid view of what it's like to be a touring musician. Although the film doesn't venture into her home life, Perry reacts to her struggling relationship with her then-husband Russell Brand in the film, which she says fit well into its theme of overcoming obstacles.

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"[The movie] is about overcoming obstacles no matter what shape they come in," the mega pop star said. "Sometimes the obstacle is your job or the people around you...and then sometimes it's your personal struggle."

Although her personal life may have had its obstacles, Perry maintained that she had to keep her composure through it all, most especially when she was performing in concerts.

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"There were times on the road where I literally had to throw myself on that [stage] lift and kind of flip a switch and separate the personal from the professional because it's my personal problems not the audience's problems," the 27-year-old asserted.

With over 300 hours of footage from different angles of her worldwide tour in 2011, a good breadth of Perry's not-so-glamorous moments were captured. However, Perry made a point of not cutting those unflattering parts out in order to give her fans the complete, true experience.

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"Sometimes my tummy turned when I saw different scenes--whether I was upset, whether I looked completely awful and exhausted, bloated with zits, [the] whole bit," she said. "I left them in there 'cause I thought it was important to show the truth because there's a lot of fakeness out there these days."

Her approach to the film, she says, was guided towards revealing the uncut success story of a girl who persevered through all and reached stardom on her own merit.

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"With the movie, I wanted to inspire people so that they see me in real situations--sometimes with problems, sometimes not looking that great...and they say, 'Oh, well, she's just kind of normal and...she had a dream and she...worked really hard for it,'" the Teenage Dream artist said. "Even if life hands you obstacles and curveballs, you too can get through it if you really want to."

Katy Perry's Part of Me is set for release on July 5.