The 'Magic Mike' Wardrobe Malfunction?


The handsome Magic Mike cast sat down with ET's Christina McLarty, dishing on manscaping, Matthew McConaughey's recent nuptials and who couldn't fit into their thong?

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In the movie, producer and star Channing Tatum shows off some R-rated moves too risque for his 2006 dance flick Step Up, while his character (Mike) takes a young dancer (played by Alex Pettyfer) under his wing. But Channing wasn't the only one to flaunt his stuff, as Matt Bomer revealed his "wardrobe malfunction" on set.

"I had an early morning experience when it was still dark out and power wasn't on in my trailer yet, and I had a little mishap," said Bomer. "There were no tags [indicating front and back], and it was my first time putting one on. All the holes looked the same."

Understandably, the amount of exposure required for the roles left the guys wanting to look their best, which meant manscaping. According to Tatum he recorded one of his sessions that put the actor in a not-so-favorable light.

PICS: Unleashing the 'Magic'

"I'm going to [release the video] on one of the talkshows that I do soon," Channing promised.

Click the video to hear McConaughey tell how his training for Magic Mike may have come in handy for his wedding reception.

Magic Mike hits theaters June 29.