Rielle Hunter and John Edwards Break Up


Rielle Hunter and John Edwards are officially over.

The controversial couple split up last week, Hunter revealed this morning during an interview with George Stephanopoulos onGood Morning America.

"We are a family, but as of the end of last week John Edwards and I are no longer a couple. Not at all," she said.

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According to her, the decision was mutual.

"That's private," she said when asked which one them initiated the break-up. "We decided together to end it. It's hard. It's painful."

On her appearance later on The View, she elaborated further.

"I think that when people break up, both sides come to the table with things to break up over. We both agreed that it's best for us at this time," she said.

But she also acknowledged on The View that media scrutiny definitely took a toll on their relationship.

"I'm not a mistress, I'm a mom and I don't want to hide. Because we have such media scrutiny and because of the children, it's hard for us to go to restaurant, it's hard for us to go to the movies."

The break-up news comes as Hunter's explosive tell-all, What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me, hits bookstores today. The book reportedly recounts intimate details of her relationship with Edwards, and Hunter asserts that the former presidential hopeful had a "hidden life" and had carried on affairs with several women through the years despite his 33-year marriage to Elizabeth.

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"There is so much misinformation and distortion about this story and people form opinions without knowing what really happened," she said.

However, through it all, Rielle admits that she still has feelings for the onetime presidential hopeful.

When asked if she still loved Edwards, Hunter replied simply, "I do."