'Spider-Man' Star Reaches Out to Orphans Overseas


We caught up with The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield in New York at an event for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, where he revealed his athletic background and how he'll use it to aid the organization.

As an accomplished swimmer and gymnast, Garfield understands the value that healthy competition can have in the development of a child, so he's teamed up with WWO to give overseas children the same opportunities that he had growing up.

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"I do believe that we can all identify with being an orphan in one way or another," Garfield said, explaining that the shared experience of separation anxiety was one of the initially things that drew him to the cause. "That, for me, was a very easy way in."

WWO CEO Dr. Jane Aronson, who connected with Garfield through a mutual friend, explained the organization's main objectives, saying, "We provide [orphans] with medical care, education and access to developmental enhancement, so that they can be successful citizens in their own communities."

Garfield's special lady Emma Stone also appeared at the event. Watch the video for more.