Mel Gibson's Stepmom Seeks Restraining Order

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Mel Gibson's stepmother is seeking a restraining order against the actor and alleges in court papers that Gibson perpetrated "several acts of domestic violence" against her. 

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson -- who married the actor's father John Hutton Gibson in 2001 -- filed a petition for a restraining order against the Braveheart star Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

"Mel's bullying of this soon-to-be octogenarian is deeply disturbing given that she has been a loving and loyal spouse to Mel's father ... for over a decade," says the petition, obtained by City News Service.

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The petition accuses Gibson of screaming at his stepmother during a hospital visit in January after she spoke up against his preference for ozone treatments for his 93-year-old father's various ailments. "I was frozen in terror based on the way that Mel suddenly snapped at me and was flailing his arms around," she alleges in the document.

"Now Mel has sunken to new lows over the last year by committing several acts of domestic violence against his 78-year-old stepmother," the  petition states.

Gibson's father recently filed for divorce from Joye and she partly blames her stepson for the move. In a sworn statement, she says she has "a lot of questions about Hutton's filing of divorce against me and need to speak directly to my husband without Mel's interference so that I can make sure both that he is OK and not being manipulated by Mel or into a course of action he does not wish to  take."

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