USA's Male Gymnasts Flex Muscles


The hunky men set to represent the stars and stripes at the London Olympics are exuding strength, both physically and mentally. With muscles protruding form every limb, ET was on the competition floor with the ab-licious athletes at the U.S. Olympic Trials this weekend in San Jose, CA.

With only five slots to fill, Jake Dalton admitted, "It definitely makes it tougher. I think it’s good for the Olympics just because it can help bring in other sports." As one-fifth of the team, Jake will be joined in the arena by Danell Leyva, John Orozco, Jonathan Horton, and Sam Mikulak.

Pics: The Men of the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team

Leyva eloquently explained that his parents, who also act as his coaches, are responsible for fine tuning the high-flying skills he consistently executes. "I'm like an instrument basically," he eloquently analogizes. "Sitting over there, it has no life. Once the musician picks it up, starts playing it, gives it life. That's what I am to them."

As the sole returning Olympian, Horton hopes to recreate his memories on the podium. "It felt like I had won a gold even though it was only a bronze," he said of his Beijing experience. "It felt incredible to stand there and enjoy that moment with my teammates."

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To see Orozco live out his "ultimate dream," watch the Olympics, beginning July 27 on NBC.