Did Nicole Coach Katie Through Divorce?


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reached a divorce settlement quicker and more amicably than anyone expected earlier this week. Could Cruise's ex Nicole Kidman be responsible for the speedy agreement?

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Bradley Jacobs of Us Weekly tells ET that Nicole spoke to Katie prior to her surprise divorce filing.

"[Nicole] was very supportive to Katie over the last few weeks," says Jacobs. "They've spoken on the phone. She told her, 'I've been there, too. Hang in there. You'll get through it.'"

The two women have plenty in common. They're both younger than Cruise, they were both 33 at the time of their respective breakups and they each had children with the Golden Globe winner.

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While the details of TomKat's custody arrangement have not been confirmed, Matt Donnelly of the LA Times tells us that the estranged couple's daughter, Suri, will reportedly soon be enrolling at all-girl prep school, the Convent of the Sacred Heart. This will reportedly be the 6-year-old's first exposure to a regular classroom setting, as she has previously gone through private tutoring.

Although Suri will always tie the two together, it appears as if Katie wants to get rid of all other connections to Cruise in her life. According to Youyoung Lee of The Huffington Post, the actress has fired part of her staff including her PR reps, which she shared with her former spouse.