Queen Latifah Reveals Plans to Adopt

The View

Queen Latifah said during an appearance Wednesday on ABC's The View that she is "working on" adopting a child.

When asked by co-host Barbara Walters whether she had seriously considered adoption, the singer/rapper/actress replied, "I'm actually kind of working on that…"

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When pressed further about her plans, the Joyful Noise star said, "I think I saw one of those specials… you know those movies of the week. And it was like -- and I just always wanted to bring a child home." She added that it wouldn't really matter where the child came from. 

When Barbara asks, "So are you really seriously planning on adopting?" Queen Latifah responds, "I'm totally serious, so if you got a kid that you don't… Just give me a year -- let me set up camp and send me the kid. But no, no totally."

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