The Shocking Way That Katie Told Tom About Divorce


While Hollywood is still reeling from the news of Katie Holmes' sudden split from Tom Cruise, perhaps no one was more shocked about it than Tom himself.

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The Oscar-nominated actor allegedly had no idea about Katie's plans for divorce until he received a phone call on June 28. According to Carlos Greer of People magazine, Katie called Tom while he was in the middle of filming a motorcycle stunt on the set of his new movie Oblivion.

Michael Hogan of The Huffington Post tells us that the former Dawson's Creek star used disposable cell phones (a.k.a. burners) to keep Tom from finding out about her discussions with lawyers.

The divorce details were settled just as swiftly as they were introduced, with the estranged couple reaching an undisclosed settlement just 11 days after the initial filing. Although Tom has experience with divorce, having married twice before, Katie may have had an advantage in that arena, as her father Martin is a top divorce lawyer in Ohio.

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In the aftermath of the split, it appears as if Katie wants to get rid of all connections to Tom in her life. The actress reportedly hasn't spoken to any of his family members since the breakup, and she's also fired part of her staff, including her PR reps, which she shared with her former spouse.

Katie and daughter Suri have been seen grocery shopping and running various errands around NYC, seemingly maintaining the 6-year-old's normal schedule and lifestyle despite this huge shift.