How M.C. Hammer Could've Married Whitney Houston

In the Mixx

In an exclusive interview with In the Mixx host Gina Glickman Giordan on Saturday, M.C. Hammer reveals that Whitney Houston's father once tried to get the singers to marry.

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Hammer says that while at Super Bowl XXV, where Houston gave her memorable rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner, the late singer's father, John, attempted to play match maker for the two stars.

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"Whitney's dad pulled me and Whitney in a room and said you know Hammer, you should really consider marrying Whitney. And, I said, I'd love to but I'm already married." Hammer continued, saying, "I love my wife dearly but, I always laughed about that. Always a big fan of Whitney. I loved Whitney and miss her dearly."

At the time, Hammer had just celebrated his five-year wedding anniversary with Stephanie Fuller, whom he wed in December 1985. The two remain a couple and have raised five children together.

Hammer made this revelation in Bridgehampton, New York at The Alexander Soros Foundation's first annual public event, "UNMASKED." The affair raised more than $150k to benefit Global Witness.