Inside Joey Travolta's Film Camp For Military Kids


Forty-seven lucky kids were given the rare opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Hollywood filmmaking thanks to Joey Travolta's project of love, Inclusion Films.

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Together with Cox Communications and Act Today, the film workshop, which took place in San Diego earlier this year, gave nearly fifty developmentally disabled children with an interest in film production the extraordinary opportunity to create short films under the guidance of professionals while their military moms and pops looked on proudly.

"It's not only about filmmaking; it's about life skills," explains Joey Travolta. "We teach them how to communicate and how to collaborate which gives them confidence."

Joey, whose sibling is superstar John Travolta, has a decorated past teaching kids with Autism, making the Inclusion Film workshops an especially effective program.

"It gives them what I don't think anybody else really offers," raves US Navy dad Joshua Strayhorn, whose daughter Calinda is flourishing in the workshop. "[She] has been interested in multiple different things and having the opportunity to work in an atmosphere where they learn about the films, how to produce them, how to direct them, and how to act and write. Those are things you just don't learn anywhere."

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