Eric Stonestreet Lets the Dogs Out


One key component in many modern families is a dog. Eric Stonestreet unleashed four-legged friends at the Beneful Dream Dog Park on Thursday.

As his Modern Family co-stars celebrated Sofia Vergara's 40th birthday in Mexico, Eric partied with the pooches at Veterans Park in Alabaster, Alabama. "I know how much dogs love coming out and hanging out with other dogs and running around and just smelling the smells of the world," he said. "I think the dogs get a real kick out of it. I can already tell they enjoy running around. They're probably thinking, 'If we can just get some of these people out of here.'"

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Eric's very own furry friend, Coleman Hawkins, stayed home at his doghouse, but Eric quickly found companionship with the canines running free. The $500,000 renovation features obstacle courses and fountains to help the pets stay in shape and keep cool in the summer heat.