Sly Stallone on 'Living Through' Sage's Eyes


In his first movie with his son Sage, Sylvester Stallone "put [his] heart into the film," imparting his own philosophies of fatherhood and family.

In the fifth Rocky movie, the title character says that he's glad to have a son, so that he can "live through" his child's eyes. This is a sentiment that Sylvester admitted to sharing, as he stood on the red carpet of the film's premiere with Sage.

"That, I think, is what fathers look to their children for -- a slice of immortality," Sylvester said at the Rocky V premiere.

Cinema has also been regarded as a way for stars to live forever, but Sylvester was adamant about not pushing a film career on his son too soon.

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"It's tough to grow up on celluloid," said Sylvester, who said that it would be at least a couple more years before Sage would make an appearance on the big screen again.

"I think he's right because child actors usually never come through They never make it," Sage agreed.

Sylvester summed up the message of the film, saying, "As long as [my child] is alive, [my] memory will always be alive -- that [I] did something right. I mean, you hope for that."

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Sage Stallone was found dead on July 13. He was 36. An autopsy commenced Sunday morning, with results to be deferred pending toxicology results. These results reportedly could be available by Wednesday.