Lawyer Recounts Sage Stallone's Last Days


Sage Stallone's lawyer reveals that nobody was panicked after Sage's girlfriend became concerned and called 911 early last Friday morning because it was not unusual for the son of Sylvester Stallone to be unavailable for days at a time or to leave town at the last minute.

"Nobody was just dropping everything and rushing because we all thought it was a false alarm," said George Braunstein, who worked as Sage's lawyer for 15 years. Braunstein told ET in an interview that he had tried unsuccessfully to reach Sage by phone on Friday, the day he was found dead inside his home. 

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Braunstein said that several other people had also attempted to reach Sage, 36, by phone on Friday, including his mother Sasha. But it wasn't until a housekeeper went to the home at midday on Friday that his body was discovered.

Calling Sage an "eccentric and creative" person, Braunstein said he would often spend long periods alone at home to focus on his various projects. But the lawyer said he had no reason to believe that Sage was depressed or had any problems with substance abuse.

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Braunstein said Sage's parents were "grief stricken" at their loss. He added that Sage was "proud" of his father and always sought his approval. "I know that Sage always wanted to make a picture or make a statement that would attract his father's attention."