Pro Swimmers Get into Olympic Spirit with 'Nemo'


What does the U.S. Olympic Swim Team and Finding Nemo's underwater gang have in common? Both share the same inspiring motto, "Just Keep Swimming!"

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Inspired by a recent screening of Finding Nemo 3D, the men and women set to represent team USA in the 2012 Olympics couldn't resist breaking into Dory-esque song stylings, creating a PSA to get the word out about the upcoming games and the 3D release of the Disney classic, Finding Nemo.

Check out the all-star Olympic PSA in the player above!

And be sure to catch the must-"sea" return of Finding Nemo in 3D when it hits theaters September 14, 2012.

VIDEO: The London 2012 Olympic Games Trailer

The Olympic games begin on July 27 and continue through August 12. Check your local listings.