Adam Shankman Praises TomKat for Quick Divorce


At the energetic premiere for Step Up Revolution, a film that he wrote, Adam Shankman took a serious moment to reflect on the divorce of his friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

While Shankman revealed that he hadn't been in direct contact with either of the recently divorced stars, he said he had been giving both of them support.

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"Divorce is a really, really hard thing and I wish them both so much love," said Shankman, who has also been a judge on So You Think You Can Dance in addition to his film career. "They're really both great people...and I think that it speaks to everything that they worked everything out very quickly...They both want to be really good parents."

On a lighter note, Shankman also responded to whether he would hypothetically consider judging American Idol given his past judging experience.

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"Oh yeah! Let's throw my hat in the ring now 'cause that's what everybody wants to see: Adam Shankman on 'American Idol,'" he said with a chuckle. Shankman added that American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe, who attended the premiere, had his work cut out for him in filling the judges' seats after the departures of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

"I think everybody on Earth is offering themselves as a judge at the moment," said Lythgoe, who is also executive producer of So You Think You Can Dance, which has close ties with the latest Step Up. "I'm just really happy to see what develops," he added, politely dodging an inquiry about the frontrunners for the positions.

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Lythgoe revealed that there was no real timetable for selecting the judges but that the judges would obviously have had to be selected by the time auditions begin later this summer.

Ryan Guzman, who plays his first major film role as Step Up's protagonist, said that, hypothetically, he wouldn't mind being an American Idol judge.

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"I would be [a] very kind but harsh judge too," Guzman said. "People gotta get pushed a little bit. If you hear nice things all the time then you kind of slack off. So, I'd be giving constructive criticism."

Step Up Revolution
hits theaters Friday, July 27.