Kate Hudson Talks Beauty, Babies and Selena Gomez


The beautiful Kate Hudson is Almay's Global Brand Ambassador, and in this intimate behind-the-scenes interview with the Hollywood golden girl as she shoots the commercial for Almay's Wake Up Liquid Makeup, she gets candid about her secret to looking better than ever at 33 years old, what beauty tips she's learned from her mother Goldie Hawn and how she manages to embarrass her son Ryder.

"Being in love helps. Happiness helps. Babies help," she says with a giant smile about her seemingly ageless looks. "I think finding a sense of happiness in yourself, and contentment, and doing the things you love to do and focusing your life on being, you know -- happy -- is probably the most important thing for feeling beautiful inside and out. It's the most infectious thing."

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Renowned for her California girl good looks, Hudson reveals that she's definitely picked up a few beauty tips from her own famous mother growing up.

"You know I think with mommy, we're both really similar in the fact that she ... it really is just about her happiness and everything else sort of comes and goes," she says about their similar outlooks on life. "I remember I used to watch her put on makeup in the car without a mirror. ... And it's simple. Mom was always about simple, fast, easy makeup. So I used to watch her do the amazing five minute makeup, you know, five-minute face -- foundation, a little cheek, eyes and then a little lip gloss and off she went, and I definitely picked that up from her."

Hudson's quick makeup routine is necessary due to her busy family life juggling two sons (Ryder, 8, Bingham, 1), her fiancé Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, and a Hollywood career. However, Hudson stresses that her kids will always come first in her life -- though she admits to getting scared about "failing" at raising them.

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"It goes without saying that your life with children is the best possible situation and part of your life that you could possibly be in," she says. "I mean, nothing is better than your kids -- nothing. At the same time any parent will tell you, it's also the hardest thing that you ever have to do. It's the only thing you can really mess up at. For me it's the only thing that I can really fail at is my children. And that, I refuse to [let] happen. With that being the priority, your life becomes really about how to balance the family and everything else comes second."

Check out the video to hear her belt out her own rendition of the Selena Gomez hit Love You Like A Love Song, which she uses to embarrass her son Ryder!