'Bourne Legacy' Stars Mourn Colorado Victims


As the world grieves the loss of life following Friday's tragic Colorado shooting, the cast of The Bourne Legacy offered their heartfelt condolences to everyone affected by the senseless massacre.

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"My [heart] goes out to all the families," expressed Jeremy Renner at the film's press junket, just hours after news broke about the tragedy that claimed the lives of 12 theatergoers in Aurora.

"The only thing worth really saying is just to send sympathy and support to the families that are suffering and grieve for people that were hurt," said Edward Norton.

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When asked to comment on the reemerging debate of violence in movies and its accountability to tragedies like these, Norton was careful in his response. "I think it's probably more complex than I would want to try to reduce to a casual statement," he said, adding sadly "These types of things are happening with disturbing frequency in our country."

Reflecting on the incident, Renner tells ET he doesn't believe the shooting will have much impact on the way Hollywood portrays violence.

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"I think the effect is going to have nothing to do with movies-- I think the effect right now is going to be on other things," said Renner. "Cinema seems so small compared to the ripple effect of those events."

You can catch The Bourne Legacy when it arrives to theaters August 10.