Body Language Expert Analyzes James Holmes


What does James Holmes' body language reveal about the suspected killer?

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This morning the world got their very first glimpse of the alleged movie theater shooter that killed 12 and wounded dozens last Friday in Colorado, and although he didn't say a word, psychologist Dr. Lillian Glass tells ET that the 24-year-old's demeanor in court provides plenty of insight into the inner thoughts of Aurora PD's prime suspect.

"James Holmes' body language was very odd," Dr. Glass begins. "One of the things that was disconcerting was that he kept nodding out. It looked like he was going to sleep. He looked like he was trying to stay awake."

According to Glass, Holmes' sluggish demeanor is likely due to sleep deprivation or heavy medication.

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Holmes' erratic facial movements in court are also a key point of interest to Glass, as it seems to indicate he was trying to restrain his emotions.

"One of the things that was very telling in terms of him getting a reality check was when he would frown," observes Glass. "He looked like he was going to cry in several instances. There was a crinkling of the forehead, the lower lips were down, and it looked like he was going to tear up."

Together with Holmes' seemingly intentional lack of direct eye contact with anyone in the room (including his attorney), Glass deems his suspicious demeanor as very "telling."

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Watch the video for more, including ABC News contributor Brad Garrett's take on Holmes' future behind bars.

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