A 'Dark Knight' Shooting Survivor's Untold Story


While the prime suspect in the Aurora, Colorado shooting, James Holmes, was arraigned at a county courthouse today, the survivors of the attack intently watched as they await the 24-year-old's fate. One of the witnesses, Torrence, sat down with ET's Christina McLarty, reliving that tragic event.

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According to Torrence, the assailant, dressed in all black garments and a gas mask, tossed a can of tear gas into the theater from the exit door. The can hit a girl in front of Torrence, but the crowd still didn't seem to be alarmed until the gunman opened fire. After hearing the initial spray of bullets, Torrence realized that the girl in front of him was dead.

"I looked at her and her eyes were wide open," he said.

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Torrence was adamant that the gunman receive a penalty matching the crime.

"If you let him rot in jail for the rest of his life, I'm perfectly fine with that," he said. "Don't kill him; that's just too easy."

Holmes will be formally charged next Monday, July 30. He likely faces charges of first-degree murder, an offense that carries a possible death penalty if he is convicted.