The Celebs Men Wish Their GF Would Be More Like

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Emma Stone is known for her quirky girl charm and excellent comedic timing, but it looks like most men see her as "girlfriend material" too -- in's 6th edition of The Great Male Survey, the largest male survey in the world with over 50,000 male respondents from all over the world, Emma Stone topped the list when asked which female celebrity men would most like their girlfriend to be more like -- gaining a whopping 51 percent of the votes.

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Of course pure physicality was also represented in the votes, which is why Sports Illustrated bombshell Kate Upton unsurprisingly came in second place, with 20 percent of the votes.

But perhaps the most surprising standing? Tina Fey beat Kim Kardashian by a wide margin (16 percent to 9 percent), proving that in this instance at least, personality does beat a killer derriere -- though tell that to Nicki Minaj, who rounds out the top five with four percent of the votes. also partnered with TresSugar for The Great Female Survey, where they asked women which celeb they would most likely vote for if they were running for president -- and it looks like women too are split between a handsome face and quirky charm. George Clooney got the overwhelming vote with 46 percent, while comedian Conan O'Brien took a distant second at nine percent.

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