Walsh & May-Treanor Prepare For Olympic Record


Over the years, Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor have established themselves as the most dominant duo in women's beach volleyball, winning two Olympic gold medals in the process. Despite being on the cusp of retiring, the two talked to ET about why they chose to give one last shot as a team at another Olympic medal this year in London.

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"We have something very special and I'm excited to be back out here," Misty May-Treanor said to Eric Fonoimoana, gold medalist at the 2000 Olympic Games for beach volleyball. "I want to finish on my terms and I want to finish with the right person."

Although she suffered a possibly career-ending Achilles injury, May-Treanor revealed that she is at full health and is currently playing at the same level that won her back-to-back gold medals at the past two Olympics.

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Her longtime playing partner, Kerri Walsh, divulged that it appeared as though the two wouldn't be able to play at the Olympic level until they got out of a slump a few weeks before deciding to go to London.

"We've had a really rough season up 'til about three weeks ago and then...we turned a corner, and it's like, 'Enough messing around! We're going to London...Let's go out on top!" Walsh said.

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Walsh and May-Treanor are aiming for their third consecutive gold medal as well as a third straight win for the United States, which has been an unprecedented feat in beach volleyball in the sport's four Olympic campaigns. Walsh described the feeling of standing on the platform and receiving a gold medal.

"It's...a culmination of so much teamwork and individual work and effort and love and sacrifice," Walsh explained. "When you're up there, you're just so grateful and so humble, and so proud. I'm so proud to be an American and I love my flag...I want to make all you guys so proud and I want to go and win."

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Check out the full interview above, and follow Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor on their journey to win their third consecutive beach volleyball gold medal beginning this weekend on NBC's Olympic coverage.