Pregnant Melissa Joan Hart is Having A ...

Pregnant Melissa Joan Hart is Having A ...

Although Melissa Joan Hart doesn't want to know the gender of her baby before the birth, the ladies of CBS' The Talk may have ruined the surprise for her.

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If old wives' tales hold any credence, the mother of two will be having her first girl.

The co-hosts administered two unscientific tests: the first judged based on how Melissa was carrying and the second on what she was craving.

The Melissa & Joey star tested positive for a girl in both cases, as she was perceived to be carrying the baby high and craving sweets, but the ladies hedged their bets just in case.

"We won't know until the fall, for sure," said Julie. "So even if we're wrong, we have a gift that's going to work either way."

Julie presented the expectant mom with a pink and blue onesie.