007 Escorts Queen to Olympic Opening Ceremony


The United Kingdom's illustrious history was on full display as London kicked off the 2012's Summer Olympics tonight, including a special appearance by the world’s most famous spy!

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James Bond, a.k.a. Daniel Craig, stole the show on Friday, recruiting Queen Elizabeth herself into the star-studded ceremonies as the two parachuted into Olympic Park, thanks in part to a bit of Hollywood magic. [click here to watch]

Organized by Slumdog Millionaire filmmaker Danny Boyle, the estimated $40-plus million show didn't disappoint. David Beckham, Rowan Atkinson (of Mr. Bean fame), J.K. Rowling  and thousands of dedicated performers made the show a memorable one, with last, but certainly not least, Sir Paul McCartney, closing the ceremonies with an 80,000 person sing-along to the Beatles classic, Hey Jude.