Katherine Jackson Attends 'Unity' Show Amid Feud

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Contrary to reports, Katherine Jackson appears to be in good health.

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Despite recent family feuding, the 82-year-old Jackson matriarch showed her solidarity amidst turmoil as she attended sons Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon's Unity tour show in Northern California. By her side were late son Michael's children, Paris, 14, Prince Michael, 15, and Blanket, 10.

Randy, Jermaine and their sisters Janet and Rebbie are currently challenging the validity of Michael's will, however Jermaine lent an olive branch to his three brothers when he made an appearance on stage during the Saratoga show.

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"You all have families," Jermaine later tweeted. "Sometimes it gets complicated. Whatever happens, whatever is said, we are family, we are One, we will heal."

At one point, Katherine herself took to the stage to an overwhelming round of applause.

"A very special moment happened at last night’s show," said Jackie today via Twitter. "When Mother took her seat she got the biggest standing ovation — love was all around."

On Friday, Katherine's attorney revealed that an agreement is in place for her to share guardianship of the children with Tito Jackson's son TJ, who was granted temporary guardianship during the 82-year-old matriarch's recent trip to Arizona during which she was not in contact with the children.

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The executors of Michael's estate -- John Branca, John McClain -- along with their attorney Howard Weitzman, have recently blocked access to Katherine's home for him and siblings Rebbie, Janet and Jermaine.