Harry Shum Jr. Invites Olympians to 'Glee'

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The New Directions won the coveted national championship title last season, but Harry Shum Jr. has set his sights on even higher horizons—Olympic glory. The Glee star and other recognizable faces in the dance community got in the Team USA spirit on Saturday at 2012 Dizzy Feet Foundation Celebration of Dance Gala.

Known for its A-list roster of guest stars, Harry told ETonline, "It would be fun to do a musical number with a whole bunch of gymnasts and swimmers… I'm sure the girls wouldn’t mind Michael Phelps coming in as a guest star." Something that might make a splash on the hit show is a viral rendition of Call Me Maybe.

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Torn between Team USA's top two in the pool, Phelps and Ryan Lochte, Harry is rooting for old favorite Phelps, but "I love a good underdog story" when it comes to Lochte's chances at topping the podium.

Step Up Revolution star Ryan Guzman isn't going for the man with his same moniker, instead siding with Phelps. "He's an amazing guy. He works really hard," he credited.

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Robin Antin, creator of The Pussycat Dolls, often invites celebrities to make guest appearances in her burlesque troupe. "I would love Jennifer Lopez," she said. "There's some beautiful athletes [in the Olympics]."

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One dance floor that Olympians do flock to is Dancing With the Stars. Apolo Anton Ohno and Shawn Johnson are among the list of returning athletes for the all-star season. So You Think You Can Dance champ Melanie Moore would be too shy to partner with the attractive Lochte, blushing, "I think that would be a little difficult because I'm not exactly a ballroom dancer, so I would struggle with his good looks coupled with my inexperience."

Choreographer Tabitha D'Umo would love to see dance become a sanctioned Olympic sport. "It would be really hard because it's artistic. How would you judge it fairly?," she reasoned, while understanding that figure skating and gymnastics have devised a system with compulsory elements. Napoleon D'Umo joked, "I would be the Bela Karolyi of choreography!"

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When the evening's honoree Shirley MacLaine accepted her award, she said, "Dance is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire, made legitimate by music." In her heartfelt speech, she called the night's performers "cosmic messengers."