Will.i.am Brings Recycling Awareness to Olympics


Will.i.am has rocked out on many stages all over the world, and now the music multi-hyphenate is using the world's biggest stage to help spread awareness about recycling.

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The superstar has collaborated with Coca-Cola to campaign for his global sustainability project Ekocycle, which has been in development since 2009.

"Ekocycle things are made in part from other things -- things that don't have to end, things that begin again," Will.i.am says in the 60-second commercial spot debuting Wednesday during NBC's Olympic coverage. "All good things must end, but an end could be a new start."

The first product being released by Ekocycle are a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones that will cost around $350.

"It doesn't have to go from a can to a can, or a plastic bottle to another plastic bottle," Will tells us, explaining Ekocycle's vision of advanced sustainability. "It can go from plastic bottle into glasses."

Will's new commercial also features his hit single This is Love. Watch out for it to air tomorrow on NBC.