'Idol' Contestant Jermaine Jones Pleads Guilty


In March, American Idol hopeful Jermaine Jones was ousted from the competition when it was discovered that there were multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest. Today the "gentle giant" appeared in court to answer to related criminal charges.

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Jones, 25, pleaded guilty in Gloucester Township Municipal Court on Tuesday to the charge that he gave the false name "Kareem Watkins" to New Jersey police officers in 2011. While faced with a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, Judge Nicholas Trabosh fined Jones just $200, plus $30 in court costs and $125 in related penalties.

Additionally, one of the other charges, relating to false information given to officers, was dismissed. Jones has yet to answer to a separate charge of driving with a suspended license.

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Outside of court, the 6' 8" singer appeared content to have the ordeal behind him.

"I'm glad most of it's taken care of," he told the Gloucester Township Patch. "And I'm grateful to all my fans who've stuck by me."