'Extreme' Star Reveals Struggle to Keep Weight Off


Last night's episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition featured the dramatic 266 pound weight loss of Jonathan McHenry, whose obesity was causing life-threatening health problems. We sat down with Jonathan to get his thoughts on his televised weight battle and the struggles he's still facing to keep his new body in check.

Jonathan -- who currently weighs 320 pounds after starting the show a year ago at a whopping 543 -- says keeping the weight off continues to be the most difficult part of the grueling body transformation. "I mean it's easy when cameras are around, and Chris (host Chris Powell) is around and you know everything is going to be on TV," said the 30-year husband and father of two sons. "But as soon as the cameras leave, you go back to your old way of life."

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The reality star says he's also tried to refocus family gatherings so that they don't celebrate around unhealthy food. "It isn't as easy to keep it off as it was losing it. So it's been a struggle. But it's easier once you've do something, you know you can do it if you just hop back on the train." 

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Watch the video to hear what food's are still Jonathan's biggest temptations and how he's to coping to control them.

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Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.