Sharon Osbourne vs. NBC in Reality Show Feud

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The always outspoken Sharon Osbourne did not mince words when she explained to the New York Post why she's leaving America's Got Talent, and now NBC is biting back against her claims that the network discriminated against her son.

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Sharon alleged that NBC fired Jack Osbourne from the reality show Stars Earn Stripes days before he was to begin shooting. The timing of the alleged firing alarmed Sharon, as it closely followed Jack's announcement that he's been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt responded by giving the following statement to The Hollywood Reporter: "First, we have the deepest affection for Sharon Osbourne and consider her to be part of the NBC family. And our hearts go out to her, Ozzy, Jack and his family at this time. We hold medical information in strict confidence and therefore cannot comment specifically about Jack, but as a company that cares deeply about the health and safety of everyone on our shows -- especially one like STARS EARN STRIPES that requires dangerous water stunts, strenuous physical activity, and uses live ammunition -- we required all potential participants to undergo medical vetting to ensure that they could safely participate ... Although we did not ask Jack to participate in the competition, we were able to offer him two substantial alternative roles on the show, both of which he declined ... This network does not discriminate on any basis."

Sharon tweeted on Monday that she will "of course finish out the season," but her mind seems to be unchanged about saying goodbye to the judging panel.

"It's time to move on," Osbourne told the Post. "They can't make me do something I don't want to do. All they can do is stop be from being a judge on another network for five years."