Why Lou Ferrigno Loves the Olympics


At a taping of the MDA Show of Strength, a fundraising event held by the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Hulk star Lou Ferrigno discussed what he enjoys about the Olympic Games, which he labeled as "positive entertainment."

"What's great about the Olympics--even my youngest son is watching it--is the great positive entertainment for young people," Ferrigno said. "It's positives, not negatives. It's not like watching [violence]; it's athletics. It's great."

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Ferrigno is a proud supporter of MDA in part because he knows people who have been afflicted with the muscle disease. After recently winning $50,000 for the organization on The Celebrity Apprentice, the 60-year-old actor has raised an additional $41,000 for MDA.

"I've had a couple friends of mine who had muscular dystrophy [and] they passed on, so... [I'm here to] bring better technology, raise more money [and] awareness especially with this show, and [give] back to a good cause."

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All of the celebrity guests and performers expressed their dedication to a good cause in MDA, and similarly all expressed marvel at this year's Olympic Games.

"How do you practice for something like that?" singer Brandy said in amazement. "What do you even start with to be able to the type of things that they do in the Olympics? It's unbelievable."

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Hot Chelle Rae singer-songwriter Ryan Follese said that while he loves being in a band, he can't help but be envious of the great physical skills displayed by the Olympians

"We have awesome jobs and we that we have awesome jobs, but to watch these Olympians perform and do what they do...I'm so blown away by their athleticism and their commitment, and it's just amazing," Follese said.

The MDA Show of Strength will air September 2. Check your local listings or the MDA website for more information.