Bates Family with 19 Kids Gets Reality Show

Good Morning America

TLC viewers already know the ever-growing Duggar clan from 19 Kids And Counting. Now the network is about to debut a new reality show featuring the equally-large brood of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates!

United Bates of Americafollows the Bates family -- 10 girls and 9 boys -- as they manage the trials and tribulations of everyday life in the hills of Tennessee. 

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The family appeared on today's Good Morning America wearing matching green and blue clothing and revealed that appearing on the Duggars' show actually inspired them to do their own. When one of the boys was asked about the constant cameras, he said he now considered that "normal."

Gil and Kelly Jo -- who said they initially only planned on having two or three kids -- said they have no intention of stopping with more children as long as they are able. "God just started showing us how precious children are. The Bible says they're blessed," Kelly Jo explained. "We are content with whatever the Lord wants to give us, and if he would like to give us more, we would definitely welcome them into the family."

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Amazingly the couple says they have managed to stay completely debt free and don't have medical insurance. Gil said this was accomplished by "trying to work hard, find the best buys, and live within our means."

The son tasked with doing the grocery shopping said he makes trips to the store about every other day and picks up eight or nine loaves of bread each week, along with at least seven or eight gallons of milk. For alone time the kids seemed to agree that the only solution is to "take a walk in the woods."

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United Bates of America premieres August 13 at 9 p.m. on TLC.