Joan Rivers On Her Handcuff Protest at Costco


In response to her book being banned by Costco, Joan Rivers staged a
protest/publicity stunt this week at one of the bulk retailer's stores
outside Los Angeles. We sat down with the loud mouthed author/comedian
to find out what prompted her to handcuff herself to a customer's
shopping cart and demand that Costco reverse its "stupid" decision.

"It got out of hand, obviously," Rivers says about the incident last Tuesday staged to protest Costco's ban on her book I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me, which is a series of amusing observations about the people and situations that annoy her.

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Rivers showed up to the store without permission and police were called
when attached her self to the cart and shouted from a megaphone. "But I
think it was done with humor -- as is the book," she explains. "It was
done to say, 'You don't ban a humor book when you are selling condoms.
Make up your mind about the image you want to portray for your

The star of E!'s Fashion Police complied with officers when they
asked her to leave the store. "The police were wonderful and there was
no brutality," she said.

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Rivers actually finds it a compliment to join the ranks of other authors
who've had books banned. "It makes you feel great to have a humor book
banned -- and by Costco -- which makes me laugh, because it's just so

Despite the spat, Rivers jokes that she's ironically a Costco member who
will still be relying on the mega chain for prunes, disposable diapers
and other "wonderful things for people of a certain age.

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