Celeb Chefs Reveal Foodie Secrets

Celeb Chefs Reveal Foodie Secrets

The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival is where celebrities and celebrity chefs collide. Last night at the Giada's Festa Italiana event during the fest, Food Network star Giada de Laurentiis and Top Chef: All-Stars' Fabio Viviani and Antonia Lafaso took a break from the kitchen to dish about some of their favorite culinary guilty pleasures, their perfect fall dinner party meal and also give tips to first-time cooks. Get your notepads out and start writing!

So what would Giada, the queen of entertaining, cook for a perfect fall dinner party? "One of the dishes I’m making tonight. Penne pasta and with a short rib ragu and freshly grated dark chocolate on top. And with a salad you are good to go!," said Giada.

The always charming Top Chef: All-Star Fabio also gave some good advice for first-time chefs, encouraging, "Just cook! Stop looking at the TV show, stop buying books, stop reading, just cook!"

Despite the cache of the gourmet Food & Wine event, Top Chef: All-Star Antonia also admitted to a not-so-fancy guilty pleasure: "Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas -- I ate them every day when I was pregnant. And it’s my guilty go-to."

The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival is occurring Aug. 9-12. Click here for more details.