Chelsea Clinton's Baby Plans

Vogue Magazine

Chelsea Clinton was just 12 years old when her father Bill Clinton became president, and now, at 32, she is still every bit the celebrity she was then -- only she's all grown up and being featured in Vogue.

In the lengthy cover interview, Chelsea talks about everything from Hillary Clinton's impatience for grandkids, the reports that her marriage was in trouble last year and staying in the spotlight long after moving out of the White House.

"She always tells me it was the greatest thing that ever happened to her," says Chelsea about Hillary's thoughts on having kids. "And as the subject of such an amazing compliment, I can't do anything but be grateful and smile and say that I'm confident that I will feel the same way when I am so blessed. It's certainly something that Marc [her husband] and I talk a lot about. I always knew I was the center of my parents' lives when I was growing up. And I am determined that our children feel the same way. Marc and I are both working really hard right now, but I think in a couple of years, hopefully ... literally, God willing. And I hope my mom can wait that long."

Vogue's Jonathan Van Meter notes that Chelsea "looks great" all the time during his meetings with her, though she claims she is "not a naturally fashionable person."

But her famous friends beg to differ.

"Oh, she is sooo stylish, Chelsea," says Burberry designer Christopher Bailey.

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The fact that people pay such attention to her style at all is testament to the public's continued fascination with her -- something she has learned to accept over time.

"Either it was something I could continue to ignore or it was something I could try to use to highlight causes that I really cared about," she says. "Historically I deliberately tried to lead a private life in the public eye. And now I am trying to lead a purposefully public life."

However, the downside of the fame is the constant media scrutiny -- such as the reports last year that her marriage to Marc Mezvinsky was on the rocks.

"None of it was true," says Bari Lurie, her chief of staff. "But what put a strain on them was that the stories were being written because none of us were paying attention to it. It was an eye-opening lesson. Chelsea realized, Maybe I need to get out there and demystify myself a little bit."

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And she's certainly made strides. She currently works for NBC News as a Special Correspondent -- and she doesn't rule out running for public office some day.

"I believe that engaging in the political process is part of being a
good person. And I certainly believe that part of helping to build a
better world is ensuring that we have political leaders who are
committed to that premise," she says. "So if there were to be a point where it was
something I felt called to do and I didn't think there was someone who
was sufficiently committed to building a healthier, more just, more
equitable, more productive world? Then that would be a question I'd
have to ask and answer."

Vogue's September issue, with Lady Gaga on the cover, hits newsstands August 21.