Charlie Sheen's Relationship with Dad is 'Solid'


Although they've had their rough patches over the years, Charlie Sheen and dad Martin seem to be on the up-and-up!

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All smiles, the father/son duo sat down for their first joint interview in nearly ten years, setting the record straight about their rumored feud.

Calling their relationship "solid," Charlie admits they occasionally have their ups and downs, like everyone else, but at the end of the day they've come to realize that family is what really matters.

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"We don't see the world the same way," concedes Charlie, "but there's one of him and there's one of me and that's it."

Tomorrow, the pair will appear on-screen together on the newest episode of FX's Anger Management where Martin will be guest starring as none other than Charlie's TV dad!

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According to Charlie, persuading his pop to take the part was as a snap.

"I heard that we were going to do an episode with my dad and I thought...Who's right for this?", said Charlie playfully. Luckily, Martin was "in town" and didn't take much convincing.

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