ET with the Obamas on the Campaign Trail


Nancy O'Dell's sit down with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle made headlines today, and now we're showing you more of the interview that has the major morning shows talking.

He's arguably the most famous man in the world, but President Obama joked with Nancy that he might not be the most famous person in his household. Nancy was with the President when he made a stop at a local pub while on the campaign trail, and the President revealed that the patrons had a surprising reaction to his appearance.

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"Every time I go to these places the first thing they ask is, 'Where's Michelle?'" the President said, going on to joke, "I know, in terms of star wattage, I rank below Michelle, the girls and Bo."

While the President has been warmly welcomed in voters' hometowns, he and Mrs. Obama are planning to welcome a crop of 2012 U.S. Olympians to the White House.

"We will invite everybody and see who wants to show up," said the President.

Mrs. Obama, who was particularly impressed with the way the U.S. women performed in London, met up with gold medalist Gabby Douglas on NBC's The Tonight Show on Monday. At the time of Nancy's interview, she was still raving about the 16-year-old gymnast.

"She's just a charming, elegant young lady," said the First Lady. "We wish her the best."

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Tune in to ET tonight for more, and tune in Monday night to hear the Obamas talk about their romance and raising daughters in the White House.