Tom Brady on the Stress of Being Married to Gisele


Tom Brady on the Stress of Being Married to Gisele

In the latest issue of VMAN, football stud Tom Brady is dishing about what married life is like with his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen.

In an interview with designer Tom Ford, Brady admits that he doesn't enjoy getting ready for high-fashion events that he attends with his wife, such as the Met Ball.

"It would be impossible not to [feel the stress]," Brady says about the pressures his wife has of being beautiful all the time (and in Tom Ford's words) "wearing something that nobody rips apart in the press."

"I'm telling you, she makes it look easy. Because it's not easy, oh my God it's not easy," he says about her modeling.

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Often celebrated for openly showing affection for his two sons, Jack, 4, and Benjamin, 2, Brady credits it to growing up with three older sisters and "sensitive" parents.

"I don't really have anything to hide," he says about where his confidence and lack of insecurities comes from. "I grew up ... [in an] environment where people weren't afraid to express how they really felt or to express their emotions. I'm very blessed to be able to do that because with my two boys -- I kiss them a thousand times a day. My wife and I are very affectionate, it's just part of our nature."

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"I'm not really concerned with portraying this tough warrior -- I mean, that's part of my job and I take that very seriously," he adds. "But I don't have anything to hide and I'm not concerned with what people think -- in the end it's a matter of how comfortable we are with ourselves, how we feel about ourselves when we wake up in the morning."

As for a future in the entertainment industry after football, Brady says that acting is not something he's ever aspired to do. But one thing he does want?

More kids!

"It's hard to think about where my interests will take me," he says. "The only thing I ever wanted to be was a professional football player. … It's hard because I want to have four kids and I want to be a really good dad, too."

VMAN's Fall Issue hits newsstands on August 23.