'Glee' Cast Teases New Season

'Glee' Cast Teases New Season

With only weeks left to go until season four of Glee premieres on FOX on September 13, ET caught up with several members of the cast at Sunday night's Do Something Awards, where they teased what is to come this season.

"We're shooting season four now and it's incredible. It's very much like two different shows. It's like a show inside of a show," Cory Monteith shared. "I'm excited to see how the two different worlds interact. There [are] a lot of cool guest stars, but I'm more excited to see how the...show behaves now."

Meanwhile, his onscreen and offscreen love Lea Michele commented on show production filming part-time in New York City as her character heads to a performing arts school, enthusing, "It's like a different show, it's really amazing."

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"I think this time around we're going to see what college life, or what life after high school is," Harry Shum, Jr. promised with regard to his character this season.

He continued, "I think it's always so curious when people have been in school for four years or just been in this education system, and now leaving, I think it's going to be an interesting look. ... Also, this new slew of kids that are coming in -- [it's] going to be interesting to see the new talent that’s going to arrive."

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