Rosie O'Donnell Suffers Minor Heart Attack

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In a recent blog posting to her website, Rosie O'Donnell reveals she is "happy to be alive" following a heart attack last Tuesday, August 14.

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The comedienne writes that she suffered chest pains and nausea soon after performing strenuous activity earlier in the day, but chose to ignore the warning signs.

"I googled 'women's heart attack symptoms' [and] I had many of them," she explains, opting to pop an aspirin and visit the doctor the next morning. The symptoms, she later discovered, were those of a minor heart attack.

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"My LAD was 99% blocked. They call this type of heart attack the 'widow maker.' I am lucky to be here."

O'Donnell says she is sharing her experience to serve as a warning to all women, advising them to "know the symptoms" and "call 911" if they suspect they are experiencing a heart attack.

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Earlier this month, the actress announced that she had postponed her wedding to Michelle Rounds after her fiancée was diagnosed with a cancer-like disease that causes painful tumors. O'Donnell said the wedding has been scheduled for next summer and encourages donations in lieu of gifts.