Warren Sapp on Michael Strahan and Prince Harry


Warren Sapp may have retired as a professional football player five years ago, but his vivacious personality continues to live on in the entertainment world. Being a man with many stories, Sapp has written a memoir, and talked to ET about the book and some current pop culture affairs.

It's no rarity for a high-profile athlete to publish a memoir, either in attempt to tell their side of the story or sometimes merely to capitalize on their fame. Sapp revealed that his approach was more about inviting the fans into his life experiences rather than being a tell-all.

"It was real easy for me as far as what to leave in and leave out 'cause I'm not a guy that was going to have revolution televised. That's simple. We all know that rule," Sapp said of the content of his book. "I wanted to give [the reader] the...little stories that I share with my family and my close friends and all my cohorts at the two networks that I used to work at."

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Known for his viciousness on the football field in doing his job as a defensive tackle and pursuing the opposing quarterback, Sapp says that his ferociousness was solely reserved for the football field.

"I guess the one thing that would be surprising would be that I'm a momma's boy like I am," said Sapp, who was selected to the Pro Bowl team seven times in his thirteen-year career. "There's no more fangs and claws left to attack you. [I'm] just a big cuddly teddy bear."

Although the 39-year-old Super Bowl champion's playing days are over, his outspoken personality still persists, which he acknowledges and cites as a supporting example to read his book.

"Whenever you saw me playing on the football field or giving an interview or an article in the paper, you stopped, looked, and listened," he said. "So, now I'm just asking you to stop, grab, and read."

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Sapp also shared his thoughts on fellow former NFL player Michael Strahan's rumored new gig on Live!, which has been hinted but has yet to be confirmed.

"I love it. Michael's perfect for it because Michael's always been a clown, and then he [has] a beautiful lady beside him where everybody's just looking at her and then he can just jump in and jump out--beautiful for Michael," Sapp said excitedly. "Mike's always been made for that kind of thing right there."

Check out the full video above for more, including Sapp's comical comments about Prince Henry's naked photos.

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