Robert Pattinson Talks 'Cosmopolis' Prostate Exam


Robert Pattinson has not shied away from publicity recently despite the media frenzy triggered by his girlfriend Kristen Stewart's admission that she cheated on him with married movie director Rupert Sanders. Last night was no different, as the star joked with Jimmy Kimmel about everything from dirty panties to prostate exams to buying cars on Craigslist.

Pattinson went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his new movie Cosmopolis and revealed he's in a couple of "graphic" sex scenes. In the film, he plays a multi-billionaire asset manager on Wall Street who conducts most of his business in a limousine traveling through the streets of New York City. 

VIDEO: Cosmopolis Stars Praise Robert Pattinson

In one scene, Pattinson told Kimmel that he receives "a four-finger prostate exam" in the limo. Kimmel noted that Pattinson looked "upset" during the prostate exam scene. "Someone was telling me about this vein that comes out of my forehead that only ever happens when very good things happen or very, very bad things," Pattinson said. "And I have no idea which one it's classified as."

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The Twilight star also revealed he buys "everything" off the online buyer-seller site Craigslist, including a truck he recently purchased for $2,500. At one point in the interview, some girls appear via SKYPE to perform challenges to compete for a prize and Pattinson jokes, "I was going to ask them to get dirty underwear."

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Watch the clip to also hear Pattinson talk about accidentally stumbling into a sex cruising area and barely getting noticed in his Lycra biking pants.