Carson Weighs in on Prince Harry's 'Family Jewels'


The internet has been abuzz the past few days over Prince Harry's naked photos and fashion expert and Dancing with the Stars: All Stars hopeful Carson Kressley is weighing in on the pics, which were purportedly taken during the young royal's recent romp in Vegas.

When asked whether he had seen the Prince Harry pics, Carson admitted he had, joking, "I've been staring at them for days!" In general, the former Queer Eye star told ET he doesn't think the prince was out of line. "He was nude in his own hotel room - that should be okay, right?"

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But he also issued a caution to Harry about future nude displays that could be caught on film, "You do have to be careful of the family jewels when you are royalty - I'm just sayin' -- you've got to keep those under lock and key. And you've got to watch the scepter, because people want to see it."

Carson is currently on a full-fledged campaign for the final spot on next season's Dancing with the Stars: All Stars -- running against Kyle Massey and Sabrina Bryan. He said his advantages over the others are his participation in the Dancing with the Stars live show in Las Vegas, as well as a history of creating "sparkling" dance costumes and innovative music choices.

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Watch the video for more from Carson, including his opinions on who would be his biggest competition if picked for the show, and who he would fancy as a partner.